Monday, February 7, 2011

Maxi Wash

Kevin Murphy's Maxi Wash is so amazing!! Maxi Wash is a mild shampoo that helps remove product buildup without stripping color or natural oils. Clients often say that they like to switch what shampoo they use because they fill their hair gets use to one shampoo. The truth behind this is that for 1: your hair can't get use to shampoo or any product for that matter, 2: The true problem is that hair gets product build up and most shampoos don't remove the build up, but rather contributes to the problem. A lot of shampoos have wax or silicone in the ingredients which will make your hair look amazing for the first few weeks, but once that wax or silicone builds up too much the hair will begin to look dull and flat. The only way to remove this buildup is with a shampoo like Maxi Wash. Use Maxi Wash once a week to insure that your hair will look amazing!

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